Sentence Examples

  • In 142 he was censor with the younger Scipio Africanus, whose severity frequently brought him into collision with his more lenient colleague.
  • The nature of the dream, in which the elder Scipio appears to his (adopted) grandson, and describes the life of the good after death and the constitution of the universe from the Stoic point of view, gives occasion for Macrobius to discourse upon many points of physics in a series of essays interesting as showing the astronomical notions then current.
  • It was thrice won for Europe, by Greek, Roman and Norman conquerors - in 276 B.C. by the Epirot king Pyrrhus, in 254 B.C. by the Roman consuls Aulus Atilius and Gnaeus Cornelius Scipio, and in A.D.
  • Finally, Scipio Aemilianus, Rome's first and only general in that age, with some 60,000 men drew round the town 6 m.
  • In truth, the maintenance in effective condition of so large a Roman force in so remote and difficult a region was in itself a real achievement and such as at that time no one but Scipio could have performed.

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