Sentence Examples

  • It has even been rumored that his relationships with Penelope Cruz and Nicole Kidman ended because of his religious beliefs, and his marriage to Katie Holmes has been influenced by her decision to join Scientology.
  • Others have suggested that Suri's absence is in keeping with Scientology doctrine, which recommends that infants are kept in peaceful, quiet surroundings, and you know how much noise those paparazzi guys can make.
  • Ingo's interest was unique because he had certain psychic abilities that he was hoping to understand, and which he attempted to explain by becoming involved in the early Church of Scientology run by L.
  • Ron Newman's website, "The Church of Scientology vs. The Net" outlines the multitude of legal actions seeking to silence the free speech of former Scientology members and their sympathizers.
  • Comedy Central is rerunning the episode of South Park in which the writers took a few shots a Scientology, outraging Tom Cruise and leading to Issac Hayes departure from the show.