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  • Goritza), 10,000; Elbassan (perhaps ancient Albanopolis), 8000; Metzovo, 7500; Preveza, 650o; Avlona, 6000; Durazzo, 5000; Parga, 5000; Butrinto, 2000; and Kroia, the ancient fortress of Scanderbeg, 5000.
  • Of the medieval ruins those of Kroia, the stronghold of Scanderbeg, are the most interesting.
  • The northern portion of the "kingdom of Albania," including Durazzo and Kroia, was ruled by the family of Thopia (1359-1392) and afterwards by that of Kastriota, to which Scanderbeg belonged; the southern portion with Berat, by the Musaki (1368-1476).
  • In the 15th century it was held by Scanderbeg and by the Venetians, but Mahommed II.
  • It was founded early in the 17th century and was long the see of a Greek bishop, although the majority of its inhabitants have always been Moslems. Kroia, the ancient stronghold of Scanderbeg, is 14 m.

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