Sentence Examples

  • His increasing ill-health and a certain moral laxity (as shown in his judgment on Sappho) led to a quarrel with the consistory.
  • SAPPHO (7th-6th centuries B.C.), Greek poetess, was a native of Lesbos, contemporary with Alcaeus, Stesichorus and Pittacus, in fact, with the culminating period of Aeolic poetry.
  • Steiner, Sappho (1907).
  • Afterwards superseded his own work by treating in the same way the three minor planets Victoria, Iris and Sappho - the last was observed by W.
  • Sir David Gill derived a highly satisfactory value of 8.78" for the long-sought constant from the opposition of Mars in 1877, and from combined heliometer observations at five observatories in 1888-1889 of the minor planets Iris, Victoria and Sappho, the apparently definitive value of 8.80" (equivalent distance, 92,874,000 m.).