Sentence Examples

  • SALONICA, SALONIKA or Saloniki (anc. Thessalonica, Turkish Selanik, Sla y.
  • Proceeding on to Salonika, he established there a " Provisional Government of National Defence," which was in Dec. 1916 duly recognized by England, France and Russia, though not by Italy.
  • As between Bulgaria and Greece, the former's claim to Salonika seems to have had no better basis than a desire to possess it.
  • As already mentioned, the Bulgarian 7th Div., in arriving from the Struma side a few days after the Crown Prince had fought his way into Salonika from the W., had lost no time in publicly claiming ownership, and it was with hardly concealed joy that the Greek Government received and promptly executed a request to transport this division by sea to the Thracian theatre.
  • When war came in the last days of June 1913, outpost "incidents" were occurring at many points of the line from Salonika to the old Serbian frontier at Vranya.

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