Sentence Examples

  • Other hydrated forms of the chloride, of composition CoCl 2.2H 2 O and CoCl 2.4H 2 O have been described (P. Sabatier, Bull.
  • In the first edition of the Vie, Sabatier rejected the Stigmata; but he changed his mind, and in the later editions he accepts their objective reality as an historically established fact; in an appendix he collects the evidence: there exists what is according to all probability an autograph of Br.
  • On the strength of this body of evidence Sabatier rejects all theories of fraud or hallucination, whatever may be the explanation of the phenomena.
  • Sabatier and Goetz (see below) have investigated the authenticity of the several works; and the four lists, while exhibiting slight variations, are in substantial accord.
  • By Ehrle and Denifle, 1885, &c.); publications of the Franciscans of Quaracchi (list to be obtained from Herder, Freiburg im Breisgau); and the two series edited by Paul Sabatier, Collection d'etudes et de documents sur l'histoire religieuse et litteraire du moyen age (5 vols.

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