Sentence Examples

  • She was an author, she explained with a puff of her ample bosom, and had just returned from Roswell, New Mexico, Mecca of the strange and alien.
  • Inland, under the name of the Province of Maine; to David Thomson and associates, in 1622, a grant of six thousand acres near the mouth of the Piscataqua; to Sir Henry Roswell and associates, on the 19th of March 1628, a grant of the region from 3 m.
  • Among the public buildings and institutions are the city hall, the Federal building, the county court house, a state armoury, the Flower Memorial Library (erected as a memorial to Roswell P. Flower, governor of New York in 1892-1895, by his daughter, Mrs J.
  • JOSEPH ROSWELL HAWLEY (1826-1905), American political leader, was born on the 3 rst of October at Stewartsville, Richmond county, North Carolina, where his father, a native of Connecticut, was pastor of a.
  • At Roswell; the lowest, - 23° at Aztec. At Santa Fe, where mountain and plain meet, the mean annual temperature is 49 0; the mean for the winter is 31° and for the summer 67°; and the highest and lowest temperatures ever recorded were respectively 97° and - 13°.