Sentence Examples

  • FRANCESCO CRISPI (1819-1901), Italian statesman, was born at Ribera in Sicily on the 4th of October 1819.
  • Ribera Tarrago (Saragossa, 1897), and Instituciones y reyes de Aragon, by V.
  • The number of his enemies was increased by his successful attack on his Jesuit confessor Ribera, who with other members of the college of Milan was found to be guilty of unnatural offences.
  • Dating from the 14th century, and restored by Fonsega in the 17th, it is a building of extraordinary richness of decoration, with paintings and sculpture by Guido Reni, Lanfranco, Caravaggio, D'Arpino, Solimene, Luca Giordano and notably a " Descent from the Cross " by Ribera, conconsidered the finest work of this master.
  • Biographies appeared soon after her death by the Jesuit Ribera, who had been her confessor (1602), and by Diego de Yepez, confessor to Philip II.