Sentence Examples

  • Mr John Redmond was chosen chairman, and the alliance of Nationalists and Gladstonian Liberals was dissolved.
  • There are also the statue to Sir Redmond Barry, first chancellor of the university, outside the public library; the Gordon statue in Spring Street, a replica of that in Trafalgar Square, London, and a statue of Daniel O'Connell, outside St Patrick's cathedral.
  • Redmond Howard, Sir Roger Casement: a Character Sketch without Prejudice (1916).
  • At the general election of 1892, however, only 9 Parnellites - the section which under Mr John Redmond remained staunch to his memory - were returned to parliament.
  • The visit of Mr Redmond and others to America in 1901 was not believed to have brought in much money, and the activity of the League was more or less restrained rife, especially in Sligo, and paid agents also promoted an agitation against grass farms in Tipperary, Clare and other southern counties.