Sentence Examples

  • The lighting effects and texture maps aren't nearly as impressive as they could have been, but given that this is one of the first games to be sold for the PS3, I can forgive these relatively minor (and ultimately forgettable) shortcomings.
  • Each time you play a particular song, you will be treated to pretty much the same video in the background, whereas X360 and PS3 versions dynamically create slightly new music videos each and every time using some sort of random algorithm.
  • Whether you are looking to buy some of the best PS3 games or you are more interested in the diamond in the rough, it is very possible to pay much less than the regular retail price on the games you want to play on your Sony PlayStation 3.
  • While the "black suit" can only be accessed at certain stages of the story in the Xbox 360 and PS3 version, players can actually switch between the regular suit and "black suit" Spider-Man characters at will in the Wii and PS2 version.
  • With multiple features including a LINUX platform, the ability to handle 7 wireless Bluetooth controllers, backward capability, ports to support 2 HD TVs and a possibility of region-free games, the PS3 seems almost too good to be true.