Sentence Examples

  • While the "black suit" can only be accessed at certain stages of the story in the Xbox 360 and PS3 version, players can actually switch between the regular suit and "black suit" Spider-Man characters at will in the Wii and PS2 version.
  • Because of its rampant success, it should be noted that a direct port version will soon be made available for the PS2 as well, but if you have the option, the Gamecube will still boast substantially better graphics and frame rates.
  • Most of the cheat codes mentioned in this article are for the Xbox 360, but the codes should work on the PlayStation 2 version as well; just swap out the Xbox 360 buttons for the corresponding buttons on the PS2 controller.
  • It's this sense of variety, combined with the realism and complexity involved with keeping track of your AI-controlled allies that has given Dropship such a positive reception among the flight-loving PS2 gaming community.
  • While earlier versions of the PlayStation 3 offered some form of PS2 emulation, either hardware-based or software-based, there does not appear to be any PS3 Slim backwards compatibility to run legacy PlayStation 2 games.