Sentence Examples

  • To her fell the Cyclades, the Sporades, the islands and the eastern shores of the Adriatic, the shores of the Propontis and the Euxine, and the littoral of Thessaly, and she bought Crete from the marquis of Monferrat.
  • The Propontis, the Hellespont and the Aegean, and towards the W.
  • ], an ancient town at the head of theGulf of Astacus, which opens on the Propontis, was built in 264 B.C. by Nicomedes I.
  • Trouble, however, soon arose over Zacynthus, and the Spartans not only sent help to the Zacynthian oligarchs but even besieged Corcyra (373) Timotheus was sent to relieve the island, but shortness of money compelled him to search for new allies, and he spent the summer of 373 in persuading Jason of Pherae (if he had not already joined), and certain towns in Thrace, the Chersonese, the Propontis and the Aegean to enrol themselves.
  • She now egged on the cities of the Propontis (Byzantium,Perinthus, Selymbria),who felt themselves threatened by Philip's Thracian conquests, to declare against him.