Sentence Examples

  • Herodianus enjoyed a great reputation as a grammarian, and Priscian styles him "maximus auctor artis grammaticae."
  • Symmachus and Ennodius, and panegyrics in verse by Claudian, Merobaudes, Priscian, Corippus and others.
  • In Spain it was 236 to 216 in different series (17), and it is a question whether the Massiliote drachmae of 58-55 are not Phoenician rather than Phocaic. In Italy this mina became naturalized, and formed the "Italic mina" of Hero, Priscian, &c.; also its double, the mina of 26 unciae or 10,800, = 50 shekels of 216; the average of 42 weights gives 5390 (=215.6), and it was divided both into 100 drachmae, and also in the Italic mode of 12 unciae and 288 scripulae (44).
  • 856), who long presided over Einhard's school of Fulda, was the first to introduce Priscian into the schools of Germany.
  • In his latest work he made extracts for their benefit from the pages of Priscian (fl.

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