Sentence Examples

  • If the white cells be required, as in local suppurating abscess, general septicaemia, acute pneumonia, &c., there is an active proliferation of the myelocytes to form the polymorpho-nuclear leucocytes, so that we have in this condition a leucoblastic transformation of the fatty marrow.
  • This is an increased exudation of fluid from the engorged blood vessels which not only dilutes the toxins, but is supposed to contain substances which in some way act on these living micro-organisms and render them a more easy prey to the polymorpho-nuclear leucocytes (fig.
  • The polymorpho-nuclear leucocytes are seen in great numbers in the blood vessels.
  • To replace this cellular destruction there has been a demand for reinforcements on the home centres of the polymorpho-nuclear leucocytes - the bone marrow.
  • This call is immediately answered by an active proliferation and steady maturing of the myclocytes in the marrow to form the polymorpho-nuclear leucocytes.

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