Sentence Examples

  • In the north of Syria four cities stood pre-eminent above the rest, (1) Antioch on the Orontes, the Seleucid capital; (2) Seleucia-in-Pieria near the mouth of the Orontes, which guarded the approach to Antioch from the sea; (3) Apamea (mod.
  • From the sea and its port, Seleucia of Pieria (Suedia).
  • On the north side of Thessaly there was an important pass from Petra in Pieria by the western side of Olympus, debouching on the plain northward of Larissa; it was by this that Xerxes entered, and we learn from Herodotus (vii.
  • Of Boghaz Keui (Pieria), built on a mound which contains some remarkable ruins of a large building - a palace or sanctuary - anterior to the Greek period and belonging to the same civilization as the ruins and rock-reliefs at Pteria.

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