Sentence Examples

  • The audience weren't exactly bowled over by the Mondays' performance, but it brought them to the attention of Mike Pickering, then the Hacienda's resident DJ, and later founder of M People.
  • In May 1984 Pickering managed to persuade Hacienda owners Tony Wilson and Rob Gretton to sign Happy Mondays to their Factory Records label, home to New Order.
  • Timothy Pickering's grandson, Charles Pickering (1805-1878), graduated at Harvard College in 1823 and at the Harvard Medical School in 1826, practised medicine in Philadelphia, was naturalist to the Wilkes exploring expedition of 1838-1842, and in1843-1845travelled in East Africa and India.
  • C. Pickering' used in a special case, presently to be referred to, was put into a more general form by Thiele, who, however, assumes N to have the same value for all spectra, and not obtaining sufficient agreement, rejects the formula.
  • With the object of reaching fainter stars, Professor Pickering constructed another instrument of larger dimensions, and with this more than a million observations have been made.