Sentence Examples

  • In defiance of a recent ordinance prohibiting provincial assemblies, he presided over the estates of Picardy and Artois, and then over those of Champagne.
  • Received only Picardy, the Boulonnais and Burgundy; by the marriage of Charles the Bolds daughter the rest was annexed to the Empire, and later to Spain.
  • The defence of Metz by Francis of Guise was admirable ~ and successful; but in Picardy operations continued their course without much result, owing to the incapacity of the constable de Montmorency.
  • The common statement that he derived his surname from Diss in Norfolk is a mere conjecture; Dicetum may equally well be a Latinized form of Dissai, or Dicy, or Dizy, place-names which are found in Maine, Picardy, Burgundy and Champagne.
  • Having allied himself with his brother4n-law Charles of Burgundy against the king of France, he led an army into Picardy in 1475, and then by the treaty of Picquigny sold peace to Louis XI.

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