Sentence Examples

  • While there isn't really much a service provider can do to stop the mechanism of a CGI proxy (webmasters also use PHP to create proxy websites), they can block traffic to the proxy servers themselves whenever they are discovered.
  • PHP - PHP is a "hypertext preprocessor," which means that it is a flexible scripting language that processes information on the web server in order to serve the HTML to the viewer's browser in a non-static and highly functional way.
  • These are enhancements to your HTTP server that allow programmers to write the code that makes your website talk to databases, handle e-commerce orders, etc. The most popular scripting languages are PHP and ASP.Net.
  • Just like any other scripting language, like C, Visual Basic or Java - PHP uses the same basic programming operators and comparators such as if-then statements, while loops, for loops and other standard statements.
  • The ability to integrate PHP within the HTML pages that you're accustomed to writing makes it very easy to learn how PHP behaves, and how you can use it to easily make your page far more interesting and dynamic.