Sentence Examples

  • Yet he is, like Nicias and Phocion, the official man, head of a board of fifteen generals, which he persuades the people to cut down to three.
  • The Athenians under Chares suffered a severe defeat from Amyntas, the Macedonian admiral, but in the following year gained a decisive victory under Phocion and compelled Philip to raise the siege.
  • In 351 Charidemus, Chares and Phocion were sent to oppose him, and we find that the contributions of the Lesbian cities were assigned to them for supplies, but no successes were gained.
  • The latter, through their general Phocion, rescued it from the tyrants suborned by Philip of Macedon (354 and 341).
  • 30; Plutarch, Phocion, 16, 17; Arrian, Anabasis, i.

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