Sentence Examples

  • I'70, when it was proposed, after the capture of Phocaea and Teos in 545 B.C., that the remainder of the Ionian Greeks should emigrate to Sardinia) none of them ever came to anything.
  • PHOCAEA (mod.
  • A large part of the emigrants proceeded only as far as Chios, returned to Phocaea, and submitted to the Persian yoke.
  • Phocaea continued to exist under the Persian government, but greatly reduced in population and commerce.
  • LAMPSACUS, an ancient Greek colony in Mysia, Asia Minor, known as Pityusa or Pityussa before its colonization by Ionian Greeks from Phocaea and Miletus, was situated on the Hellespont, opposite Callipolis (Gallipoli) in Thrace.

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