Sentence Examples

  • The Turks continued their progress; in 1363 they captured Philippopolis, and in 1365 they entered Adrianople; the whole Balkan peninsula was threatened, and even Hungary itself seemed doomed.
  • Three years later, in 1364, Philippopolis fell to Lala Shahin, the Turkish commander in.
  • That they instituted a rival congress of their own in Philippopolis is improbable.
  • But the separation of Eastern Rumelia isolated Adrianople, and transferred to Philippopolis at least two-thirds of its foreign trade which, as regards sea-borne merchandise, is carried on through the port of Burgas.
  • Under Turkish rule the Bogomils lived unmolested as Pavlikeni in their ancient stronghold near Philippopolis, and farther northward.

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