Sentence Examples

  • - Aegina passed with the rest of Greece under the successive dominations of Macedon, the Aetolians, Attalus of Pergamum and Rome.
  • They had been concealed in a cellar to prevent their falling into the hands of the book-collecting princes of Pergamum, and were in a very dilapidated condition.
  • On the death of Mithradates of Pergamum, tetrarch of the Trocmi, DeIotarus was a candidate for the vacancy.
  • Hence the names New Troy and New Pergamum, applied to Buthrotum, and those of Xanthus and Simotis, given to two small streams in the neighbourhood.
  • The second, the Periplus of the Inner Sea (the Mediterranean), is a meagre epitome of a similar work by Menippus of Pergamum, who lived during the times of Augustus and Tiberius.

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