Sentence Examples

  • Coast, and at Tampa, Key West and Pensacola on the W.
  • The development of marine commerce has been retarded by unimproved harbours, but Fernandina and Pensacola harbours have always been good.
  • With the increase of trade between the United States and the West Indies following the SpanishAmerican War (1898), the business of the principal ports, notably of Fernandina, Tampa and Pensacola, greatly increased.
  • The four in 1900 were: Jacksonville (28,429); Pensacola (1 7,747); Key West (17,114); and Tampa (15,839).
  • The eight in 1905 were Jacksonville (35,301), Tampa (22,823), Pensacola (21,505), Key West (20,498), Live Oak (7200), Lake City (6409), Gainesville (J413), and St Augustine (5121).

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