Sentence Examples

  • While Dean, a retired Pennsylvania police detective, was reluctant to return to law enforcement, Sheriff Jake Weller's retirement offered an opportunity not easily dismissed.
  • Bucknell was in Pennsylvania, and Ryder College, where Jen attended, in New Jersey.
  • The total output of the state was 44,648 tons in 1863, when the first shipments outside the state were made; and 41,897,843 tons (valued at $40,009,0J4) in 1908, when the output of West Virginia was third in quantity and in value among the states of the Union, being exceeded only by that of Pennsylvania and of Illinois.
  • Dean felt cheated, doubly so because yesterday, a comp day off, it had rained as if St. Swithin was ticked off at the world, denying him the pleasure of biking the Pennsylvania countryside.
  • Exasperated, Dean drove toward Easton, Pennsylvania until he found a motel that satisfied Baratto.

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