Sentence Examples

  • With features such as multiple payment gateways (including the most popular, PayPal) and on-the-fly shipping calculations and tax functionality, OSCommerce can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars in setup costs for entrepreneurs.
  • You can link your iTunes account to your PayPal account and subsequent purchases through the App Store will be funded that way.Alternatively, it is possible to have no payment option connected to your account.
  • Enter your credit card number as a funding source on PayPal and you can enjoy the security of the PayPal website and process, without ever having to give your credit card number directly to a merchant.
  • Auction sites usually have multiple ways to pay: Check, credit card or an online source such as PayPal, which works like a bank account where you can accept money and buy products as if you used cash.
  • The best way to download music online is to use a program such as the iTunes Store, which allows you to connect with a credit card or Paypal account in order to purchase music from your computer.