Sentence Examples

  • In a move that many a parent-managed celebrity has made, Usher is severing his professional ties with his mother, Jonnetta Patton, and keeping their relationship about family only.
  • Slope of the Cascades the red fir ceases to be the dominant tree, and between this elevation and the region of perpetual snow, on a few of the highest peaks, rise a succession of forest zones containing principally: (1) yellow pine, red and yellow fir, white fir and cedar; (2) lodgepole pine, white pine, Engelmann spruce and yew; (3) subalpine fir, lovely fir, noble fir, Mertens hemlock, Alaska cedar and tamarack; (4) white-bark pine, Patton hemlock, alpine larch and creeeping juniper.
  • Patton (Sci.
  • Educational institutions include Dallas medical college(1901),the colleges of medicine and pharmacy of Baylor University, the medical college of South-western University (at Georgetown, Texas), Oak Cliff female academy, Patton seminary, St Mary's female college (Prot.
  • Patton, Jefferson, Cabell and the University of Virginia (New York, 1906).