Sentence Examples

  • The pasto duro is largely composed of the genera Stipa and Melica.
  • The city was at one time an important commercial and mining centre, but much of its importance was lost through the transfer of trade to Cali and Pasto, through the decay of neighbouring mining industries, and through political disturbances.
  • PASTO, a city of Colombia and capital of the department of Narino, about 36 m.
  • Above the sea, at the eastern foot of the Pasto volcano, which rises above the city to a height of 13,990 ft.
  • The paramos of Cruz Verde (11,695 ft.) and Pasto, and the volcanoes of Chiles (15,900 ft.), Chumbul (15,715 ft.), and Pasto ft.) are prominent landmarks of this desolate region.