Sentence Examples

  • Her character, and still more her circumstances, made the pen very unamiably busy with her in her lifetime, the chief of many lampoons being the famous Divorce satirique, variously attributed to Agrippa d'Aubigne, Palma Cayet, and others.
  • Tomas Estrada Palma (1835-1908) became the first president of the Republic.
  • After repeated petitions from President Palma for intervention by the United States, commissioners (William H.
  • Armas y Cespedes, De la esclavitud en Cuba (Madrid, 1866), and Regimen politico de las Antillas Espanolas (Palma, 1882); R.
  • Bayamo was the birthplace and the home of Carlos Manuel de Cespedes (1819-1874), first president of the "first" Cuban republic, and was also the birthplace and home of Tomas Estrada Palma (1835-1908), first president of the present Cuban republic.