Sentence Examples

  • The insolence of a Tunisian squadron which sacked Palma in the island of Sardinia and carried off 158 of its inhabitants, roused widespread indignation.
  • In north-eastern Colombia, where a part of the year is dry, the "curuas" form the prevailing species, but farther south, on the slopes of the Cordilleras up to an elevation of 1 0,000 ft., the wax-palm, or "palma de cera" (Ceroxylon andicola), is said to be the most numerous.
  • Another widely distributed species in central Colombia is known as the "palmita del Azufral" in some localities, and as the "palma real" and "palma dolce" in others.
  • Humboldt says it is not the "palma real" of Cuba (Oreodoxa regia), but in the Rio Sinn region is the Cocos butyracea, or the "palma dolce," from which palm wine is derived.
  • RAIMON or RAYMOND LULL (or LULLY), Raimon, (c. 1235-1315) Catalan author, mystic and missionary, was born at Palma (Majorca).

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