Sentence Examples

  • PAESTUM (Gr.IIoaecScwvia; mod.
  • The neighbourhood was then healthy, highly cultivated, and celebrated for its flowers; the "twice blooming roses of Paestum" are mentioned by Virgil (Geor.
  • In 871 Paestum was sacked and partly destroyed by Saracen invaders; in the 11th century it was further dismantled by Robert Guiscard, and in the 16th century was finally deserted.
  • The earliest temple in Paestum, the socalled Basilica, must in point of style be associated with the temples D and F at Selinus, and is therefore to be dated about 57 0 -554 B.C.'
  • The most famous of the temples of Paestum, the so-called temple of Neptune, comes next in point of date (about 420 B.C.).

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