Sentence Examples

  • (Paderborn, 1894); A.
  • Funk, Didascalia et Constitutiones Apostolorum (Paderborn, 1906); V.
  • The minor authorities for the Fifth Crusade have been collected by Rohricht, in the publications of the Societe de l'Orient Latin for 1879 and 1882; the ten valuable letters of Oliver, bishop of Paderborn, and the Historia Damiettina, based on these letters, have also been edited by Rohricht in the Westdeutsche Zeitschrift per Geschichte and Kunst (1891).
  • Kuhlmann, Der heilige Bonifatius, Apostel der Deutschen (Paderborn, 1895), and of G.
  • It is now used only by the bishops of Eichstatt, Cracow, Paderborn and Toul, by the special concession of various popes.