Sentence Examples

  • It boils at 290°, forming a colourless vapour which just about the boiling-point corresponds in density to tetratomic molecules, P4; at 1500° to 1700°, however, Biltz and Meyer detected dissociation into P2 molecules.
  • Beckmann obtained P4 molecules from the boiling-point of carbon bisulphide solutions, and Hertz arrived at the same conclusion from the lowering of the freezing-point in benzene solution; E.
  • P4 represent the centres of load in a structure of four pieces, and the sides of the ~ polygon of resistances P1 P2 P2 P4 represent respectively the direc~ I~~ tions and positions FIG.
  • But if the cemented face of P4 is silvered, From Zeitschr.
  • The impulse required to set up the motion in liquid of density p i the resultant of an impulsive pressure p4) over the surface S of th ellipsoid, and is therefore ffp4ldS = p4GoffxldS =p 40 (volume of the ellipsoid) =4)oW', (23) where W' denotes the weight of liquid displaced.

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