Sentence Examples

  • From the off position there are two head positions, P1 and P2, which define the brightness of the light when it is turned on.
  • In fact, the P2 Popcorn Popper is discontinued by the company.
  • P 1 greater than P2, if the molecular weight of A be much less than that of B, then it is obvious that the ratio M 1 P 1 /M 2 P 2 need not be very great, and hence the less volatile liquid B would come over in fair amount.
  • For two different gases with the same value of y, but with densities at the same pressure and temperature respectively p i and p2, we should have U1/U2 =1 1 (P2/P1), (Io) another result confirmed by observation.
  • If µ i and µ2 denote the potentials of any one component in two phases in contact, when there is equilibrium, we know that µ i =P2 If a third phase is in equilibrium with the other two we have also =123.

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