Sentence Examples

  • De Rato y Flvia, Vocabulario de las palabras yfrases que se ha bi an enA slur/as (Madrid, 1891), and the Coleccin de poesias en dialecto asturiano (Oviedo, 1839); for Navarrese-Aragonese, see J.
  • The price of corn rose, owing to the reimposition by the government, before the elections, of the import duties on corn and flour; and in November there was serious rioting in Seville, Granada, Oviedo, Bilbao and Valencia, M
  • Northern man- -~ Oviedo - - 750 43 66 54 36
  • The best evidence of a Asturias dense population in those days is that afforded Oviedo by the specific estimates of ancient writers Leon..
  • Goats are mostly bred in the mountainous districts all along the Spanish side of the Pyrenees froth Biscay to Catalonia, and in Badajoz, Cceres, Ciudad Real, Granada and Leon; swine in Badajoz, Lugo, Oviedo, Cceres and Corunna.

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