Sentence Examples

  • Additionally, OTG motorcycle goggles incorporate grooves or spaces on the sides where the frame of your glasses can pass through without bending the frame or damaging the goggles.
  • Two styles, X9 and Boost OTG, fit right over your glasses, so if you'd prefer to wear your own glasses rather than an insert, you can still do just that.
  • However, the most important thing to look for when you're shopping for OTG goggles is how well they fit over your glasses.
  • Insert that into any of the following styles: Scream, Jinx, Shark, Boost, Nebula, Nova, Showtime, Boost OTG, Cylon, or X9.
  • Within the eyewear industry, goggles that have room for glasses are known as OTG, which stands for "Over The Glass."