Sentence Examples

  • HARWICH, a municipal borough and seaport in the Harwich parliamentary division of Essex, England, on the extremity of a small peninsula projecting into the estuary of the Stour and Orwell, 70 m.
  • The scenery of the neighbouring Orwell and Stour estuaries is pleasant.
  • FELIXSTOWE, a seaside resort of Suffolk, England; fronting both to the North Sea and to the estuary of the Orwell, where there are piers.
  • Thus, from north to south there are, on the east coast, the mouths of the Tyne and the Tees, the Humber estuary, the Wash (which receives the waters of the Witham, Welland, Nene and Great Ouse), the Orwell-Stour, Blackwater and ThamesMedway estuaries.
  • ADNA ROMANZA CHAFFEE (1842-), American general, was born at Orwell, Ohio, on the 14th of April 1842.