Sentence Examples

  • Coast of the island of Oahu, at the mouth of Nuuanu Valley, 2100 m.
  • Honolulu is served by the Oahu railway, by electric lines to the principal suburbs, and by steamship lines to San Francisco, Seattle, Vancouver, Manila, Salina Cruz (Mexico), Victoria, Sydney, and Chinese and Japanese ports.
  • Honolulu has other parks, a fine Botanical Garden, created by the Bureau of Agriculture, several public squares, several hospitals, a maternity home, the Lunalilo Home for aged Hawaiians, an asylum for the insane, several schools of high rank both public and private - notably Oahu College on the E.
  • In 1907 an act was passed by which the former county of Oahu, including the island of Oahu and the small islands adjacent, was made a municipal corporation under the name of the "city and county of Honolulu"; this act came into effect on the 1st of January 1909.
  • He was educated at the Punahou school at Punahou, at Oahu College, into which the Punahou school developed in 1853, and at Williams College, Williamstown, Massachusetts, where he graduated in 1862.