Sentence Examples

  • It remained the capital long after the Assyrians had become the dominant power in western Asia, but was finally supplanted by Calah (Nimrud), Nineveh (Nebi Yunus and Kuyunjik), and Dur-Sargina (Khorsabad), some 60 m.
  • NINEVEH (Heb.
  • 3) that Nineveh stood on the Euphrates; the Arabic geographer Yaqut places a Nineveh on the lower Euphrates near Babylon, and this may be a colony from the great Nineveh, or possibly the Nina.
  • In its prime it ranked beside Nineveh and Babylon in its colossal proportions - its four walls, each 16 m.
  • The dates of the other Minor Prophets (in some cases approximate) are: Micah, c. 725 - c. 680 B.C. (some passages perhaps later); Zephaniah, c. 625; Nahum, shortly before the destruction of Nineveh by the Manda in 607; Habakkuk (on the rise and destiny of the Chaldaean empire) 605-600; Obadiah, after the destruction of Jerusalem by the Chaldaeans in 586; Haggai, 520; Zechariah, i.

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