Sentence Examples

  • In Nepal, Bashahr and Rampur, and at Doda Kashtwar in the Jammu territory, opium is produced and exported to Yarkand, Khotan and Aksu.
  • In Nepal it is said that dogs are worshipped at the festival called Khicha Puja.
  • The quality of these coins (weighing about 81 grains troy) was low, and at last deteriorated so much that the Tibetans deserted the Nepal mints.
  • Below the junction of the Ganges and the Jumna at Allahabad the country begins to assume the appearance of the Bengal plains, and once more expands northwards to the foot of the Nepal Himalayas.
  • Nerd), the root of the Nardostachys Jatamansi of Nepal and Bhutan; stacte (Heb.