Sentence Examples

  • N 'n i nn eii n u ?;e?.?oow nci?,rn;' ??
  • The dichlorimide, C1N: C 6 H 4: NCI, is formed in a similar manner from paraphenylene diamine.
  • Reissert, Ber., 18 99, 3 2, p. 782), the chief product in this latter reaction being an isoindazolone: // CH2 NHC6H5 /CH2 NH C6H5 /CH2 NC6H5 C6H4 - C6H4 - C6 H4 NH 2 HCI N :NCI N=N The best drawn series of the triazines is the symmetrical or cyanidine series, members of which result from the condensation of acid anhydrides with aromatic amidines (A.
  • Save for the consequences of these phonetic changes, Umbrian morphology and syntax exhibit no divergence from Oscan that need be mentioned here, save perhaps two peculiar perfect-formations with -1- and -nci-; as in ampelust, fut.

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