Sentence Examples

  • Above the general level of that plateau, connect the central Nan-shan with the next parallel ranges, namely, those of the eastern Nan-shan.
  • This border-range, which continues on to the 97th meridian, separates the Nan-shan range from the Pe-shan range.
  • Generally speaking, the Nan-shan highlands are a region raised 12,000 to 14,000 ft.
  • In the central Nan-shan it is only the north-eastern slopes that bear forests.
  • The Pe-shan swelling, with its flanking ranges of the Chol-tagh and Kuruk-tagh, which, by gradually approaching the Nan-shan section of the Kuen-lun in about 98° E., narrow the desert, are a good deal lower, namely 5000 to 9000 ft.

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