Sentence Examples

  • But Russia demanded Erivan and Nakhichevan as well as the cost of the war; and in 1827 the campaign was reopened.
  • Among the hard conditions for the latter country were the cession in perpetuity of the khanates of Erivan and Nakhichevan, the inability to have an armed vessel in the Caspian, and the payment of a war indemnity of some 3,000,000.
  • The population has grown rapidly: while in 1881 it was 70,700, in 1897 it numbered 119,889, and in 1905 126,375, exclusive of the suburbs; if these, which comprise Nakhichevan (32,582(32,582 in 1905) be included, the population is well over 160,000, a figure which is still further swollen in the summer by the influx of about 60,000 men, who find work in connexion with the shipment of grain for export.
  • In Nakhichevan there are 20,500 Armenians.
  • NAKHICHEVAN, or Nakhjevan, a city of Russian Armenia, in the government of Erivan, 85 m.