Sentence Examples

  • In the early days of MySQL, you had to create your own PHP files (such as the one described on in order to parse all of the data out of those MySQL tables and into a well-formed XML document.
  • Lazarus Guestbook: The picture of simplicity, this guestbook uses your MySQL database for guestbook storage and offers a range of high quality features, like anti-spam and entry previews.
  • AJAX, Flash, and other Web 2.0 Technologies: Depending on what your site needs, you may need to delve into database structures like MySQL or XML, or some of the newer technologies.
  • Then you'll need to create a MySQL user using the "create user XMLDesigner" command and set the appropriate privileges, passwords, and other parameters.
  • Web hosting can also include options like MySQL databases, email, or things like cute guestbooks that add functionality to your site.