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  • The latter early in August lay near Murfreesboro, covering Nashville, but the Confederate general did not intend to threaten that place.
  • African blue ground, at Murfreesboro, Pike county, Arkansas.
  • Of Murfreesboro; this is the first place in North America where diamonds have been found in situ, and not in glacial deposit or in river gravel.
  • Sheridan distinguished himself still more at the sanguinary battle of Murfreesboro (Stone river), and on the recommendation of Rosecrans was made major-general of volunteers, to date from the 31st of December 1862.
  • BATTLE OF STONE RIVER, a battle of the American Civil War, called the battle of Murfreesboro by the Confederates, fought on the 31st of December 1862 and the 2nd of January 1863.

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