Sentence Examples

  • IGLAU (Czech Jihlava), a town of Austria, in Moravia, 56 m.
  • The higher educational establishments, which in the middle of the 19th century had had a predominantly German character, underwent in Galicia a conversion into Polish national institutions, in Bohemia and Moravia a separation into German and Czech ones.
  • But in spite of the constant renewal of negotiations for a compromise it was impossible to arrive at any agreement, until the outbreak of war left all the projects for a Ruthenian university at Lemberg, a Slovene one in Laibach, and a second Czech one in Moravia, unrealized.
  • 15 the Czech parties in Moravia issued a patriotic manifesto.
  • BE.) KALNdKY, [[Gustav Siegmund, Count]] (1832-1898), AustroHungarian statesman, was born at Lettowitz, in Moravia, on the 29th of December 1832, of an old Transylvanian family which had held countly rank in Hungary from the 17th century.

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