Sentence Examples

  • (1800); McGill University, Montreal, Que.
  • The first hold of the Athabasca region was gained by Peter Pond, who, on behalf of the North-West Company of Montreal, built Fort Athabasca on river La Biche in 1778.
  • From 1861 until his death, at Montreal, on the 27th of May 1864, he was U.S. consul-general in Canada.
  • Attempts have been made to transfer the responsibility for the act of violence to O'Callaghan and other prominent leaders in the revolt; but Papineau's own words, "The patriots of this city would have avenged the massacre but they were so poor and so badly organized that they were not fit to meet the regular troops," prove that he did not discountenance recourse to arms. Writing of the events of 1837 in the year 1848 he said: "The smallest success at Montreal or Toronto would have induced the American government, in spite of its president, to support the movement."
  • It was followed by the British American Register i(Quebec, 1803), L'Abeille canadienne (Montreal, 1818), edited by H.