Sentence Examples

  • Monticello, Jefferson's home, is still standing about 2 m.
  • The postal authorities objected to the name Monticello, originally used, and Mount Vernon was adopted instead.
  • Newspapers;3 and Washington abandoned perforce his idea" if parties did exist to reconcile them."Partly from discontent with a position in which he did not feel that he enjoyed the absolute confidence of the president,' and partly because of the embarrassed condition of his private affairs, Jefferson repeatedly sought to resign, and finally on the 31st of December 1793, with Washington's reluctant consent, gave up his portfolio and retired to his home at Monticello, near Charlottesville.
  • Though not personally extravagant, his salary, and the small income from his large estates, never sufficed to meet his generous maintenance of his representative position; and after his retirement from public life the numerous visitors to Monticello consumed the remnants of his property.
  • Montpelier, like Jefferson's Monticello and Monroe's Oak-Hill, was an expensive bit of "gentleman farming," which with his generous Virginia hospitality nearly ruined its owner financially.