Sentence Examples

  • Hasse, Geschichte der Leipziger Messen (Leipzig, 1885); Tille, Die Anfdnge der hohen Landstrasse (Gotha, 1906); Biedermann, Geschichte der Leipziger Kramerinnung (Leipzig, 1881); and Moltke, Die Leipziger Kramerinnung im 15 and 16 Jahrhundert (Leipzig, 1901).
  • In 1907 Prince Billow was made the subject of a disgraceful libel, which received more attention than it deserved because it coincided with the Harden-Moltke scandals; his character was, however,completely vindicated,and the libeller, a journalist named Brand, received a term of imprisonment.
  • ADAM GOTTLOB MOLTKE, Count (1710-1792), Danish courtier, was born on the 10th of November 1710, at Riesenhof in Mecklenburg.
  • Though of German origin, many of the Moltkes were at this time in the Danish service, which was considered a more important and promising opening for the young north German noblemen than the service of any of the native principalities; and through one of his uncles, young Moltke became a page at the Danish court, in which capacity he formed a life-long friendship with the crown prince Frederick, afterwards Frederick V.
  • But though a Prussian intrigue was set up for the supersession of Bernstorff by Moltke, the latter, convinced that Bernstorff was the right man in the right place, supported him with unswerving loyalty.

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