Sentence Examples

  • From its Transylvanian source through Moldavia, and meets the Danube near Galatz, after receiving the Moldova, Bistritza (Bistrita), Trotosh (Trotosu), Milcovu, Putna, Ran-midi and Buzéu on the west; and the Berlad (Birladii) on the east.
  • From the aurochs (zimbru), in pursuit of which Dragosh first arrived on the banks of the Moldova, is derived the ox-head of the Moldavian national arms, and from his favourite hound who perished in the waters the name of the river.
  • In length, from the Drave to Old Moldova, resembles in its characteristics the second section and has been similarly treated.
  • In the fifth and last section from Old Moldova to Orsova and the Iron Gates the river is enclosed by mountains and rocky banks, and the obstacles to navigation are rocks and whirlpools.
  • The principal obstructions between Old Moldova and Turnu Severin were the Stenka Rapids, the Kozla Dojke Rapids, the Greben section and the Iron Gates.