Sentence Examples

  • In 842 Theophilus died, leaving his wife Theodora regent; she was, like Irene, addicted to images, and chose as patriarch a monk, Methodius, whom the emperor Michael had imprisoned for laying before him Pope Paschal I.'s letter of protest.
  • For example, the church of Mount Sinai may be regarded as all that survives of the ancient church of northern Arabia; the autocephalous Slavonic churches of Ipek and Okhrida, which derived their ultimate origin from the missions of Cyril and Methodius, were absorbed in the patriarchate of Constantinople in 1766 and 1767 respectively; and the Church of Georgia has been part of the Russian Church since 1801-1802.
  • Matters were different when Christianity approached them from Moravia, where its doctrine had been taught by Cyrillus and Methodius - Greek monks from Thessalonica.
  • About the year 873 the Bohemian prince Bofivoj was baptized by Methodius, and the Bohemians now rapidly adopted the Christian faith.
  • Such an elaborate alphabet could hardly have been invented except by a scholar, and tradition, probably rightly, has attached the credit for its invention to Cyril (originally Constantine), who along with his brother Methodius proceeded in A.D.

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