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  • Menes, the founder of the 1st Dynasty, united the two kingdoms of Upper and Lower Egypt.
  • The flint knives of the time of Menes are finely curved (19), with a handle-notch; by the end of the lInd Dynasty they were much coarser (20) and almost straight in.
  • But its greatness probably began with Menes, who united the kingdoms of Upper and Lower Egypt, and is said to have secured the site for his capital near the border of the two lands by diverting the course of the river eastward.
  • MENES, the name of the founder of the 1st Dynasty of historical kings of Egypt.
  • Meyer in giving, for reasons which cannot be here explained, for the beginning of the 1st dynasty c. B c. 3400, for the 4th dynasty c. B.C. 2900-2750, and for the rule of the Hyksos c. B.C. 1680-1580; and in his Researches in Sinai, 1906, p. 175, Petrie proposes for Menes B.C. 5510, and for the 4th dynasty B.C. 473 1 -4454.

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